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Child & Young Person Therapy

Sometimes children and young people need a space where they can share their feelings away from their friends, family and teachers. 

Lots of young people have problems that affect how they feel, think, or act and therapy is a way to get help with these problems.  Therapy can help children and young people learn to how cope better, communicate better, and do better.  This can be done by talking about feelings, learning new skills and discovering more helpful ways of coping.  It can also help to work out problems and as this happens things may seem less upsetting or worrying.


I can help if you're going through tough times like dealing with:

Family problems                                                School problems

Bullying                                                               Health problems

Sadness                                                               Anger

Stress and worry                                                 Anxiety                                                 

Grief                                                                    Low self-esteem

Exam Stresses                                                     Self harm

Suicidal thoughts

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