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Relationship & Couples Therapy

Taking the decision to seek help for your relationship might be quite difficult. This could be further challenged if one of you is resistant to going to relationship counselling. Through therapy you will be encouraged to explore what has brought you to this point helping you both to identify the issues or problems within the relationship.  This will be done in a caring, supportive and respectful way.  Learning about each others differences and needs will help you to agree on compromises going forward and will be an opportunity for you both to gain new insight into yourselves and your relationship. 


When working with couples I often find the main issues to be difficulties in communication and a loss of emotional connection where one, or both parties, no longer feels safe in the relationship. Exploring and introducing better ways of communicating will give a stable foundation for change to happen. The loss of emotional connection may be linked to experiences during the relationship or pain from previous interactions with others. If a couple is willing to learn with and from each other, establishing less destructive patterns they will gain a better understanding of each other and relationships resulting in more positive ways of relating.

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